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I have been flying for 22 years, the last 12 of which have been with Virgin Australia. I am also an instructor with the Virgin Australia NTS training department, which has been a wonderful confluence of my two careers, in my passion for human and health sciences as they apply to the aviation environment.


Before  flying, I was a health care professional, which gave me a good grounding in people skills and a great work ethic. I developed a particular interest in mental health and wellbeing and I did a lot of extra training in these areas, learning from professionals in a range of disciplines. I developed training programs for my colleagues to help them in managing their clients who were suffering from some very advanced mental health conditions, and for their own wellbeing in working in a very stressful environment.


I am married and have one teenage son, and I commute from Brisbane to my base in Sydney.



My particular interest is helping people who have suffered victimisation and bullying. I have experienced the trauma of these myself and I understand well the impact it has on life, sometimes for many years afterwards.


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I joined Virgin 2017 on the ATR in Canberra and came up through general aviation. 2020 hit hard, between COVID-19 and administration, I lost my position as a pilot but since then have been lucky enough to join the group medical team in Brisbane. Over the years I have had a lot of difficulty launching my flying career and have been in and out of aviation over the last 20 years. Outside of flying I have worked in the health industry as a nurse in cancer care, cardiology, general practice and other community roles. My general aviation flying included two years being based at remote towns or communities of Borroloola in the NT and Weipa in north QLD and have experienced the social and family isolation that can be associated with that life, as well as the constant moving and change associated with picking a career in this field.


I am now happily married with two great little kids, and spend most of my time juggling career, family time and childcare.



I have met great people in Aviation but have lost best friends in fatal accidents and know how it feels. I have been involved in caring and advocacy for people with disabilities as my sister has cerebral palsy and I grew up helping her to be included in a normal adult life.




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I have been employed in the aviation industry for 24 years, the last 16 with Virgin.



I chose to stop flying in 2006 due to health reasons and returned in 2010. I then commuted to SYD for 5 and a half years. Most recently I have experienced some time on long term sick leave, including negotiating the loss of licence claims process.



I am especially interested in providing support and guidance to colleagues as they undergo training, upgrades, transfers and return to work processes.I balance my work life with time enjoyed at home with my husband and pottering in the garden.




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I have been with Virgin for 17 years with 40 years experience in the aviation industry, 31 years flying, and prior to that, 9 years in ATC.


I have been married, but divorced now for 13 years, no children, but a great love of animals. I commuted to Melbourne for 8 and a half years, so understand the strains associated with that. I lost a brother to cancer a couple of years ago, and I have another brother with cancer



I’ve had experience with a drug addict, and I have someone in my life with clinical depression and on long term antidepressants.